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Forest Industry Capital Investment: Forecasting in the Face of Uncertainty

Seminar Online: Dr. Brooks Mendell Full story

Simultaneously engineering trees for solid wood, bioenergy, and green polymers

Seminar Online: Dr. Brian Via Full story

Environmental DNA as a conservation tool: Successes, limitations, and future potential for an Eastern Hellbender monitoring program

Seminar Online: Dr. Stephen Spear Full story

Ecotourism, natural resource conservation proposed as allies to protect natural landscapes

If environmentalists want to protect fragile ecosytems from landing in the hands of developers—in the U.S. and around the globe—they should team up with ecotourists, according to a University of Georgia study published in the Journal of Ecotourism. Full story

Virtual Networking at Warnell

CONNECT WITH STUDENTS EXPLORING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Warnell is excited to offer two upcoming opportunities to connect with students and other professionals! We invite you to represent your agency or organization, and connect with students both virtually and in person. You have a lot of wisdom and experience to share with current students that will help them navigate the myriad of opportunities available to them, and we appreciate your time and investment in our students and the future of natural resources. Full story

31st Annual Warnell Roundtable

Roundtable-Graphic2 Full story

Connections and Challenges in the Changing World of Forestry and Natural Resources

Seminar Online: Dr. Lindsay Boring Full story