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Export of wood pellets from US to EU more environmentally friendly than coal, new study shows

Warnell's Dr. Puneet Dwivedi co-authored a paper recently that shows that wood pellets exported to the EU from the US are more environmentally friendly than coal, even when factors such as harvesting to transporting across the Atlantic Ocean are taken into account. Full story

Reflections on Why Wildlife Matters

Seminar Online: Dr. Bob Warren Full story

Integrating science, agro-ecosystems, conservation of nature and public policy in managing invasive species

Seminar Online: Dr. Larry Gilbert Full story

Recovering big fish, restoring muddy rivers: The Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program

Seminar Online: Dr. Kevin McAbeescreenshot of basin map and endangered fish Full story

Harvesting of ‘small’ material from natural stands: An outlook for the logging sector

Seminar Online: Dr. Dalia Abbas Full story

Human handouts could be spreading disease from birds to people; New Warnell study investigates

People feeding white ibises at public parks are turning the normally independent birds into beggars, and now researchers at the University of Georgia -- led by Warnell's Dr. Sonia Hernandez -- say it might also be helping spread disease. They recently launched a study to find out how being fed by humans is changing the health, ecology and behavior of white ibises in south Florida, where construction and land development is drying up their wetland habitats. Full story

Spatially detailed modeling of commercial wood supply

Seminar Online: Dr. Stephen Prisley Full story