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Spatial correlation as information about ecological processes

Seminar Online: Dr. Richard Chandler Full story

Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment makes donation to UGA Deer Lab

A big thank you to Ranew's Outdoor Equipment, which donated a 5-foot-wide Firminator G-3 to the UGA Deer Lab recently. This specialty tractor implement will be used by the UGA Deer Lab to plant foodplots at the Whitehall Deer Research Facility in Whitehall Forest, as well as at various field locations as needed to support Warnell's wildlife research program. Full story

Governor Deal appoints Warnell alumni to State Board of Registration for Foresters

Governor Nathan Deal recently appointed eight Georgia residents to the State Board of Registration for Foresters, including three alumni of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Full story

The Challenges of Natural Resource Management within a Changing Climate

Seminar Online: Warnell Graduate Student Symposium Panel Discussion Full story

Defining Your Niche in the Changing State of Conservation

Seminar Online: Dr. William Uihlein Full story

Warnell researchers awarded multiple grants to work on creating stress and disease-resistant trees

Researchers at the Warnell School think they’ve come up with a system to identify the genes in trees responsible for stress tolerance, which includes everything from extreme temperatures to disease. Now they’re using a new $490,000 grant to identify those genes and figure out how they work. Identifying those stress-control genes and understanding their function could help us create trees that can resist the very things that can kill them, said C. J. Tsai, the lead researcher on the project. Full story

Warnell researchers identify, name toxic cyanobacteria killing American bald eagles across the Southeast

Warnell School researchers have formally identified and named a toxic cyanobacteria that has been killing American bald eagles across the Southeast. After years of studying the cyanobacteria coating the leaves of water plants in lakes, researchers at UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources have determined that it is a previously undiscovered species in a new genus. In a paper published recently in Phytotaxa, they named it Aetokthonos hydrillicola and lay out evidence that it is responsible for the eagle deaths. Full story