About Warnell


To prepare leaders in the conservation and sustainable management of forests and other natural resources; to discover ways to restore and better use the earth’s natural resources; and to put into practice forestry and natural resources knowledge.


64 faculty
100 support staff

Teaching, Research and Service

Environmental Systems Analysis Forest Business
Fisheries & Aquaculture Forest Management
Forest Biology Natural Resources Recreation & Tourism
Forest Biotechnology Water & Soil Resources
Forest Biometrics Wildlife Ecology & Management

Student Enrollment as of Spring 2015


Pre-professional 119
Professional 209

Fisheries & Wildlife 132
Forestry 40
Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism 24
Water & Soil Resources 13

Graduate Programs

MFR 20
MNR 11
MS 90
PhD 70

Student Financial Support

Scholarships Over $150,000
Graduate Assistantships Over $770,000